Inside the Chinese Landscape

To some, the groundbreaking impact of China’s contemporary artists has left its traditional art to incense-filled nostalgia. One aspect of traditional art, the natural landscape, is finding a renewed significance in the 21st century. 

Sally Harrison: Connecting the Dots

Australian artist Sally Harrison depicts the natural world with vivid strokes and dots, but there hasn’t always been such colour in her life. The widely exhibited artist uses art to heal historical pain by reconnecting with her Aborigine roots. 

ArtDaryl Mitchell
Li Yun Xia: The Soul in the Scissors

"I feel a connection with Shannxi through the scissors” says Hong Kong-based paper cut artist Li Yun Xiawho. In a few words, she measures the distance between Hong Kong and her native Shaanxi province in China, crossing millennia as she remembers the home of an ancient art form. 

Vacant Spaces

Art presentation is about more than just exhibiting and showcasing. Australian artist Adam Nankervis’ organic approach to curatorship is helping artwork find a voice of its own. 

ArtDaryl Mitchell