Charwei Tsai. Healing Harmonies

Charwei Tsai’s latest works tell the sung stories of people living far from home in precarious living conditions and uncertain legal status. Together with her partner and filmmaker Tsering Tashi Gyalthang, they visited marginalized communities in Nepal, in the UK, and in Taiwan, recording voices of sorrow and longing, but also of hope.

Mao Ishikawa. Loving Freely, Living Freely

Mao Ishikawa's latest autobiographical collection, Red Flower, gives us a candid glimpse of life as she knew it between 1975 and 1977 in Okinawa when occupation forces, the U.S military, brought not only arms and guns, but a taste of what life could be should the locals live without conforming to their cultural environment.

Takashi Homma. Letting in the Light

For Japanese photographer Takashi Homma, darkness is special in a world that "overflows with light." In his most recent book titled The Narcissistic City, he goes back to the past, to the origins of photography, to explore and question the role of the photographer in image-making.

Kohey Kanno. Kaleidoscope of Memories

Photographer Kohey Kanno understands how uniquely we remember the places we’ve once visited. He knows that there’s something immensely heavy about the spots we carry with us when we finally leave them. We cannot shake them.

Greg Girard. Hidden Places

Photographer Greg Girard's latest publication, Hotel Okinawa, is a pictorial study of the hidden qualities of Japan's southernmost island, focusing on the US military bases that “matter-of-factly,” the photographer says, shaped the island's social and physical landscape.