Kaya Hanasaki. Shared Cultural Experiences

Kaya Hanasaki began her career in painting but soon moved into live art and workshops. Touching on pertinent issues — both social and environmental — the young artist has made a name for herself on a global level. We speak to her about her beginnings in the world of art, how she views herself, and what she hopes people take away from her projects.

Satoshi Dáte. Love and Art

For Satoshi Dáte, working as an artist is not a job – it’s a labor of love. With each new addition to his highly eclectic lineup of creations, he is piecing together elements of the world around him. “I just wanted to create things deeper," says Dáte. "I would like to pursue what the human being can do; love and art."

Lee Lee Chan. Object Healer

The sculptures of Hong Kongese artist Lee Lee Chan offer an opportunity to question past and present ideas associated with objects, learn how value is assign to them, and examine their place in modern culture.

Sugano Matsusaki. True Identity

Coming from Okinawa, a place with a turbulent past, Berlin-based artist Sugano Matsusaki has an innate fascination with the history of her culture and its many incarnations over the years. It drives her art — propels it forward.

Chikako Yamashiro. Truth Seeker, Hope Giver

Okinawan artist Chikako Yamashiro draws from contemporary social issues, nature, and some of her homeland's deepest historical scars, in particular, the Second World War, to create work that kindles hope in the hearts of oppressed peoples around the world.

Hiromi Tsuha. The Nomadic Intruder

Although much of Hiromi Tsuha’s work is strikingly different, there’s one central theme that is always present. From reconstructing her father’s house to recreating the homes of her friends on the steppes of Mongolia, these pieces of art all tell a similar tale. They are symbolic of home.

Seiko Kinoshita. Slow, Easy Lifestyle

“If you are too busy, you can’t see everything, and you miss a lot of things,” says textile artist Seiko Kinoshita. Much of Seiko’s work aligns with the notion that modern life is painfully fast-paced, and we ought to take all of it in more slowly.