Akiko Shinzato. The Other You

For some people, jewelry is a superficial pleasure, and for others, it’s a means to convey status and hierarchy. However, for contemporary jewelry designer Akiko Shinzato, the purpose of her work is twofold: boldness and excitement. We caught up with the designer at her studio in Okinawa to learn more about her practice.

Kiyoaki Shinzato. Bridging Generations

Okinawan artist and designer Kiyoaki Shinzato looks deep into the natural environment to produce 'art-artifacts' that combine modern aesthetics and materials with the philosophical heritage of his ancestors. In this conversation, Shinzato offers insight into his work and aspirations.

Naoyuki Soyamax. Deep Encounters

For Okinawa-based live painter and calligraphy artist Naoyuki Soyamax, the fundamental value of his art lies in its ability to express the energy and essence of the people he meets. We met with the artist on the streets of Naha to talk about his practice.

Minoru Uehara. Not Only Beautiful

Minoru Uehara's work explores his desire to capture the oft-overlooked beauty in the familiar of everyday life. We caught up with the photographer at our artspace to talk about his recent exhibition and popular portrayals of Okinawa in commercial photography.

Ryuichi Ishikawa. Empathy and Confrontation

Ryuichi Ishikawa is a photographer from Okinawa, Japan. In this conversation, Ishikawa talks about his recent curatorial debut at the Okinawa Prefectural Art Museum and describes how approaches to art production in Okinawa have progressed since the reversion of Okinawa to Japanese rule.