Kakehashi Underground Cinemas Vol.3


The word "kakehashi" in Japanese means ‘bridge’ in its symbolic representation of a connection between meanings, ideas, cultures, and people. Kakehashi Cinemas focuses on underground films, while the dialogue with the audience after screenings becomes an essential part of the programming. The aim of Kakehashi Cinemas is to mediate an open avenue to the diverse cinematic conventions, narratives, and topics from around the globe.


The selection of work is diverse, eclectic, and always chosen with passion. From the transcendental world of Andrei Tarkovsky; to the avant-garde theatre of Shuji Terayama; and from the piercing satirical works of Yorgos Lanthimos; to the healing cinematography of Alejandro Jodorowsky, Kakehashi introduces hidden cinematic gems — films that time has forgotten — and freshly released works from the oven of the experimental kitchen.


Kakehashi Cinemas is curated by Natalia Filimonova. Originally born in Moscow, Russia, she holds a Masters Degree in Foreign Literature from Moscow State University, and currently lives and works in Okinawa. Natalia also did her postgraduate studies in art direction in Paris,France.

Admission Price:
800 yen (includes one delicious drink from the menu soft drink or alcoholic drink)

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