In a Joyful Dream, Play with Clay

Tsuboya Pottery Museum will host the first-ever solo exhibition of ceramist Hatsuko Arakaki's work in an exhibition entitled 'In a Joyful Dream, Play with Clay.'

Arakaki, a pioneer of female ceramists in Okinawa, is notable for moving beyond the classical style of Tsuboya-ware. Combining complex traditional techniques with original pattern designs, the ceramist created modern pieces that are highly reflective of her unique sensibilities.

With the cooperation of Arakaki Ceramics, a collection of more than 30 pieces of the her work will be on display for this posthumous retrospective exhibition. This is a unique opportunity to see a large number of Hatsuko Arakaki's work in one place.


Admission: 350 yen
Closed on Mondays


Tsuboya Pottery Museum