In Dedication to Shinmachi. Town of Legend


In the wake of the Second World War, many so-called "professional women" began to work in Shinmachi, a red-light district in Okinawa. However, around eight years ago, the neighborhood suddenly fell into disrepair, leaving it drained of vitality.

The passage of time is erasing the remembrance of the women, children, business owners, and others who made a livelihood in this district. I hope to resist this trend by telling of their existence, shedding light on various aspects of this community.

Taking the form of a large-scale installation, the exhibit will display a collection of artwork against a backdrop of discarded materials and furniture collected from Shinmachi. And using image transfer techniques, the artwork will feature photographs from Kenshichi Heshiki's "Professional Lady" — a chapter from the leading photographer's photo book entitled Goat Lungs — and original photography of flowers, plants, and buildings found in this once vibrant community.  


Admission: 600 yen with 1 drink

(coffee, alcoholic beverage, or soft drinks)

Admission is free for high school students and younger

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