Greg Girard: Hidden Places

Photographer Greg Girard's latest publication, Hotel Okinawa, is a pictorial study of the hidden qualities of Japan's southernmost island, focusing on the US military bases that “matter-of-factly,” the photographer says, shaped the island's social and physical landscape. 

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CriticismDaryl Mitchell
Kiyoaki Shinzato: Bridging Generations

Okinawan artist and designer Kiyoaki Shinzato looks deep into the natural environment to produce 'art-artifacts' that combine modern aesthetics and materials with the philosophical heritage of his ancestors. In this conversation, Shinzato offers insight into his work and aspirations. 

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InterviewsDaryl Mitchell
Li Yun Xia: The Soul in the Scissors

"I feel a connection with Shannxi through the scissors” says Hong Kong-based paper cut artist Li Yun Xiawho. In a few words, she measures the distance between Hong Kong and her native Shaanxi province in China, crossing millennia as she remembers the home of an ancient art form. 

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